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Chocolate Covered & Sweet Dough Creations

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Variety Of Assorted Bundles

Whether you just want one specific item or a wide variety we have the bundle of your pickings available!

We have different sets and sizes for any size order. Ask about flavors, assortments or if you have any special requests! We are always willing to make a custom orders!

Please allow 24 - 48 hours for any large order or items not on hand!

  • January - Maple
  • February - Amaretto
  • March - Butterscotch
  • April - Peanut Butter
  • May - Toffee
  • June - Hazelnut
  • July - Pistachio
  • August - Vanilla
  • September - Carmel
  • October - Spice
  • November - Almond
  • December - Buttered Rum

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About Us

How did we start?

I was blessed with both parents, and their families, being excellent cooks and my Mom being patient enough to allow me in the kitchen at a very young age. I made my first loaf of bread at 7 years old, and my cooking curiosity took off!

I have definitely had some flops along the way. Around 9 or 10 years old I came up with an idea to make a chocolate pudding pie and smother the top with my Mom’s strawberry freezer jam. Kind of like a chocolate covered strawberry, right? Wrong… very wrong! This is when I learned the true love of a parent as my Dad ate every, overly sweet bit of that awful pie!

But, thus began my experimenting in flavors and textures and how ingredients work together…or not. I was intrigued with how ingredients could taste so awful alone yet, mixed with the right components, the most delicious creations could be made.

Almond Buttermilk was created with the hope that we can give others that feeling of comfort and happiness through our creations that we remember while growing up.

Why Almond Buttermilk?

I have always loved the way almond can subtly change a flavor and is so versatile yet gives it a warm, heartiness. Buttermilk has been my go-to for a subtle tang and a richer flavor that you can’t quite place.

Custom Or Large Orders

Have a special event? So invite us to your next one! We can do custom creations like mixing different sizes or including center-filled cupcakes with classic cupcakes..

Create A Box

Each box will contain a mix of creations that are currently being offered.
Contact us for options available or choose to be suprised!

Special ordered flavors will be extra.

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